SB007 (Watercolour Tool)

SB007 (Watercolour Tool), 2016
Panels, electronics, paper and soap, 160 x 90 x 135 cm


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    With help from soap bubbles SB007 paints watercolours in red, yellow and blue. The colour of the soapwater is controlled by the daylight, and the colour is blown out in bubbles bursting on the paper consequently leaving a mark. Slowly the day appears on the paper, and the watercolours become a kind of a dairy of the exhibition. Aware of its own nature-romantic tradition the SB007 works with the ’special’ Nordic light as a catalyst of the artistic process.

    Henrik Menné (b. 1973 DK) graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2002. Among his solo exhibitions counts New Products at Galleri Tom Christoffersen (2016), 400S at Traneudstillingen, Gentofte (2013), Stuff at Galleri Tom Christoffersen (2012), Live at Ringsted Galleriet (2009), and Krognoshuset /Kunstforeningen Aura in Lund (2008). In 2014, Henrik Menné participated in the group exhibition Maskine! at Holstebro Kunstmuseum, and furthermore he has made outdoor installations such as Green Lighthouse Instrument (2009) at University of Copenhagen and the sculpture Cylinder (2008) in Eventyrhaven in Odense.