Black Metal Square

Black Metal Square, 2015
Black metal plate, sensor, contact speaker, light, amplifier and steel wire, 100 x 100 x 0,1 cm
Edition of 6 + 1 AP

kr. 35.000,00

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    Black Metal Square consists of a freely hanging black metal plate (100 x 100 x 0.1 cm). Its natural vibrations are enhanced and reflected back onto the plate in a constant replay. This type of subtle energy reflection reveals the res- onance of the metal plate both visually as well as sonically. In 2015, Kirkegaard created Black Metal Square # 1 with inspiration from Kazimir Malevich’s painting Black Square from 1915 and the astronomer Robert Fludd’s drawing of a black square from 1617-21 with the text ‘Et sic in infinitum’ (And thus in all eternity).

    Video documentation of Black Metal Square: