Memran, 2020
Video, 37:20 min
Edition of 6 + 1 AP

kr. 125.000,00

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    MEMBRANE is a sound and visual portrait of the growing border wall that separates Mexico and the U.S.
    This long metal barrier takes many forms and is made of many different materials, as it winds and twists several thousand kilometers through deserts, plains, and mountains, crossing Native American land, national parks, and even city streets to end in the Pacific Ocean.

    Kirkegaard travelled along the wall from El Paso to Tijuana, stopping at sites on both sides of the wall to shoot video and to record ambient sounds of the surrounding landscape a well as the inner sounds of the metal structure: By attaching vibration sensors directly to the wall at each site, he captured the resonant frequencies of the different wall structures.

    Membrane, with its panoramic vistas and penetrating close up views of the wall, reveals that this seemingly desolate and silent area of the American Southwest is alive with light and shadow, and especially with sound, the sound of the wall itself.

    Excerpt of work: