Julie Nord (DK)

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Julie Nord

Julie Nord is one of the most skilled artists in Denmark. Her exceptional drawings, drawn in various medias such as ink, water color, pencil, crayons, etc. has a psychological depth which is associated with for instance Lewis Carroll. The association to Alice in Wonderland seems to be unavoidable but Nord’s works (as well as Carroll) should not be reduced to the childrens universe. Nord’s drawings are highly intense and combines fantasy universe with real life. Also the darker side of real life is represented through helicopters, war items, and the like. The fantasy universe is as well full of monsters and demons, but placed in a daily life setting the imaginary and the real seems to coalesce. The atmosphere of the drawings seems to be hallucinations, in which the doll like figure is placed as a main character. The idea of the doll figure draws even more attention to the psychological implications in the drawings as being the potential human machine or a blown to life. This kind of surrealism is linked to the fantasy universe that one finds in literature as well as computer games. In this way the subconscious tendencies in the 20th century and before are linked to contemporary expression, finely formulated in Julie Nord’s drawings. Julie Nord’s artistic production is one of the most interesting artistic position within the field of contemporary art.