Morten Søndergaard (DK)

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Morten Søndergaard

Morten Søndergaard works within various artistic fields, and debuted as a writer in 1992 with the collection of poems Sahara i mine hænder. An important aspect of Søndergaard’s authorship is his continual return to reality, approached through science, language and the bodily experience. Since the form of writing is based on a relation between the I and the surrounding world, one could classify his poetry as phenomenological.

Important to Søndergaard’s interdisciplinary aesthetical project is his work with sound and music. In the same spirit he has curated a range of exhibitions and installations, and furthermore he has written drama-plays. By this way the sensuous in his poetry and the physical in his other artistic practices meet, attempting to bring poetry and the world a little closer to each other. Carving sentences of daily life into materials similar to tombstones, he makes humoristic twist to simultaneously project the irony of the trivial and death, bringing the poetical closer to our reality.