Anna Sørensen (DK)

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Anna Sørensen

Anna Sørensen works intuitively with the collocation of lines, forms and colors in her ceramic works as well as in her paintings.

Former art history professor Ann Lumbye Sørensen writes about Anna Sørensen’s vases by the occasion of the solo exhibition Claywalk at Holstebro Kunstmuseum:

”Clusters or fluid conglomerations of amorphous, organic forms alternate with geometric wedge- or circular shapes as the main motifs spreading across the surface of the vase. The constructivist and expressionist idoms thrive side by side (…) But the pair of opposites – with roots back in the early 20th century and the Russian avant-garde and the European Modernism, respectively – render dynamism and tension to the plane in a balancing act between the two principles of form – the constructivist, concept-based, and the organic anthropomorphous.”